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How Are They Removed?

When applied correctly, gel extensions should last between 2-4 weeks (or more depending on how much you hate the grown-out look). But to preserve the health and strength of your natural nail, the removal process is crucial. You absolutely should not try to remove your own gel extensions at home. Just because gel polish is being used, doesn't mean your extensions can be soaked off like a regular UV-light manicure. Hard gel is extremely durable and won't come off with foils and acetone. To remove them you need to completely break through the top seal which requires a professional nail drill.

Almost 90% of the gel needs to be drilled off, then you remove the remaining product by soaking your nails in acetone and dusting it off with a nail file.

Giving your nails enough time to start growing out before deciding to have them completely removed. You don't want to remove your gels too soon. It's a process that can weaken the nail so let them grow out or get a fill. The fill-in process is similar to that of acrylics. Your manicurist should buff and drill down where growth appears on the nail so that the surface is smooth. Then, more gel is applied and cured on the freshly-buffed tip.

Are They Safe?

Most nail enhancements raise the question of safety — and this technique is no different. Any enhancement made to the nail comes with risks, especially if a faulty application or improper removal is involved. Whenever you put anything on your nail you risk harming its firmness. Like any beauty enhancement — from lash extensions to bleaching your hair — finding a seasoned professional with great reviews is key. If you can't, investing in the right equipment and following instructions is critical to not ruining your nails at home. Then there's the importance of moderation: Take gel breaks to let your nails rest and grow and always follow your trusted nail professional's advice.


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